Office Janitorial Service – What To Expect?

Do you have a lot of cleaning jobs to tackle? Do you need some serious ongoing cleaning that must be done right? Have you thought about hiring a professional office cleaners? A clean and well maintained office building can increase the profitability of your business. One of the best office janitorial services is Nellie’s Cleaning Service which is located at Portsmouth. We offer full and part-time maids, that understand that importance of getting the job done right, the first time.

Those, who provide our expert office janitorial services are professional residential and commercial cleaners. We are not the type of companies that just sweeps dirt under the rugs. We clean every corner and under every rug. We also offer a variety of services, depending on the client’s needs. This includes basic cleaning services such as vacuuming, dusting and mopping. This also includes more thorough cleaning such Women at workplace, professional female cleaner washing floor inas polishing floors, washing windows, wiping down walls, washing ceiling fans and shampooing carpets. Our well trained commercial cleaners are available any time of the day when you need them. They are trustworthy, completely supplied with all the necessary equipment and will do the job right the first time at a reasonable price.

The janitorial service at Nellie’s Cleaning Service of Portsmouth offers their clients competitive prices. These prices are offered to their residential and business clients. We may also offer their customers great deals throughout the year. This can include spring cleaning, visits from the in-laws and special events, including business inspections.

Let our experienced cleaners take care of all the dust and dirt. Your busy enough already – (757) 729-5850.

Nellie’s Cleaning Service provides a variety of cleaning services along with office janitorial cleaning – housekeeping, commercial buildings and house cleaning, window, carpet and floor cleaning. Our staff of maids are well trained, professional and dedicated to their work. Call us now to schedule an appointment.